Just how does a business owner know that the latest ERP software, for example, is really going to amp up operational efficiency throughout the company, given all the jabberwocky zinging throughout the digital landscape today?

It’s not going to help decision-makers to say “ERP is the trending thing.” The platform has actually been in existence since the mid-1990’s having evolved through so many customizations that the end-game is to ditch it for leaner, meaner ERP platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

As such, many owners of small to mid-size manufacturing facilities or distribution centers may hate the thought ditching their existing QuickBooks, Excel and assorted other apps and programs; this, even though MS Dynamics GP offers a litany of benefits to raise productivity and help control costs.

Does the ‘cloud’ fit into the ERP equation? For sure. In fact, a little over half of the businesses surveyed by IDC are moving to the cloud to increase their niche in the marketplace.

For owners opting to use a single, integrated system to improve their operations the outcomes are most certain to be successful.

For example, the manufacturer uses MS Dynamics GP to monitor product production and quality control Product cycles and quality control. In addition, real-time data helps pinpoint any problem areas, thereby giving better control of production cycles, warehousing and shipping.

Furthermore, sales teams can gather customer information without scanning and searching through multiple pages, or searching for documents and files residing on isolated silos in numerous, non-connected locations.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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