Today’s ERP software benefits a variety of businesses with a single database management for organizing, automating and synchronizing sales, marketing and customer service.

When it comes to servicing the healthcare industry, ERP software helps reduce paperwork while offering ways to meaningfully interact with patients during their care cycle.

Even so, it may seem  unusual in this sector that the largest “behavioral health pharmacy provider in the country,” Genoa Healthcare, went paperless. The core software, Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides the document management system; they implemented the software just prior to its business “doubling in size.”

Prior to deploying Dynamics GP, Genoa relied on a back office staff to manually sort and enter data. Without having an integrated system, the company had a difficult time of tracking invoices in the pipeline. It was also time-consuming to pull documents from non-connected programs, print scan, email as well as file.

“After choosing their paperless ERP solution, Genoa now follows an automated approval process in order to enforce approval rules and avoid mistakes from manual processes. Printing and filing invoices are no longer necessary, saving both time and paper.”

One of the main benefits with using Dynamics GP software is a quicker approval time for invoices. What’s more, Genoa states that it is not longer necessary for staff to handle hard copies, thereby eliminating filing and printing of these invoices.

Initially, the company was hoping to achieve a 50 percent automation of its invoice processing and handling. Today, it has fully automated this process, thereby reaching a 100 percent automation.

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