ERP, short for enterprise resource planning, is a fundamental component of any business venture. ERP software allows you to manage your clients, production, and everything else you need to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Deploying an ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics, will strengthen your business but only if you approach the deployment from the right angle.

Here’s what you need to ensure successful ERP deployment:

  • Planning
    ERP solutions aren’t something you can install on a computer in just a few minutes. Implementing ERP requires delicate planning and preparation; your team must know how to use the new software before it becomes the only method of doing business. Create a planning team and put it in charge of setting objectives, educating employees, and prepping a deployment timeline.
  • Analysis
    Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL can automate a lot of internal processes for you. Set aside some time to examine the capabilities of your ERP solution and your business’s workflow. Knowing which elements you’ll want to change and which will stay the same will ensure a smoother implementation process.
  • Help
    You’re an expert in your business, but when implementing this type of software, working with a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner can make things much easier for you. Certified Gold Partners are experts in the field and know how to successfully deploy ERP solutions in any market. They can help you build a game plan for implementation and then carry it out.

There are many other components of successful ERP implementation. But getting the first few steps right will ensure the process runs into very little setbacks as possible, and once the initial phases are underway you’ll have more time to figure out other aspects such as employee training, testing, data collection, and the final step: Going live.

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