When something new hits the news, it is easy to overreact. Keep calm, and read on for the important facts you should know about cloud based accounting software.

  • What is cloud accounting? Cloud accounting, also known as online accounting, works the same way accounting software would when installed on your computer. The difference is, that cloud accounting runs off of a server and users gain access through the web.
  • What is cloud based accounting software used for? The cloud, servers, store pertinent data, your company requires to function effectively, such as employee information, payroll and job costs. Having all of your important information saved in one secure location makes your job easier. You can rest easy knowing your company’s data is being kept safe, secure and organized for you.
  • How do I know my information will be secure?Most cloud servers use a multiple step process for accessing company information. For example, one benefit of using cloud based accounting software is flexible time management. Your employees are able to clock-in from any job location, or even from their smart phone. They cannot access the company server without going through a series of required steps first. After your employee provides the correct information, such as a unique identifier and password and a company or employee account number, they will be able to clock-in and retrieve necessary job information from any site with web access. These same processes work to ensure private, customer information remains private. Check out this article, published by Bloomberg, to learn more about the dangers of not securing important data.
  • Is it affordable? Cloud based accounting software is not only more accessible and convenient,  it can also save you money. When you only need to download your software from a server, there is no hardware involved. This means less material, which means less expenses and more money in your pocket.

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Written by J.H. (Consulting  Team)