When we talk to clients about their ERP needs, one question is almost always at the front of their minds: How much does it cost to plan, execute, and support a company-wide ERP integration? If you’re going from scattered software and Microsoft Office-driven work into something powerful and scalable like Microsoft Dynamics, how much can you expect to invest?

While there are considerable variances in cost depending on your specific needs, it’s advisable to know what you’re getting into before you begin implementation.

  • Price-Per-User
    Almost all ERP solutions are priced on a per-user basis. Costs range depending on the solution, but you can expect fees from $4,000 per user for complex system and as low as $2,000 per system for more basic applications. Costs also change with the size of your organization — large organizations may find bulk discounts, while per-user costs may be higher for smaller businesses.
  • Planning and Deploying
    It’s important to understand that integrating ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics isn’t something you can do overnight. You need to spend a considerable amount of time working with your ERP partner and planning the launch. This costs you productivity and time, and whatever the partner charges as part of their services. Don’t forget to figure these “invisible” costs into your estimates.
  • Customization
    ERP software solutions are powerful, but aren’t necessarily “plug and play.” Depending on your industry, you may need to work with your ERP partner to customize the software and tailor its uses to your current workflows. The complexity of this task can have an influential impact on the overall cost of completing implementation.
  • Maintenance
    Once your ERP software is deployed, you will likely need some sort of maintenance to keep it updated and running smoothly. While these costs don’t necessarily come during the implementation phase, it’s necessary to consider them as an overall part of your software fees so you know what you’re getting into when you choose a specific ERP solution.

Your specific ERP cost will depend highly on the size of your business, the number of people you employ, and your exact needs. The best method for getting an accurate estimate is speaking directly with a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner . For more information about our ERP solutions please visit www.buyerp.com