One of the most powerful features of Microsoft Dynamics is the way in which it interacts with other Microsoft products. Some of these interactions come in very specific and obvious forms, but others are slightly more subtle. Overall, bringing Microsoft Dynamics into an environment that already relies on Microsoft Office will prove to be a smooth, effective transition that keeps employees productive and engaged.

Here are some of the big bonuses to Dynamics integration:

Thanks to the way in which Dynamics is designed, integrating it with existing Office products provides flexibility to your employees. For instance, workers can customize their home screens and use information from programs like Outlook to build specific, tailored workspaces that are more efficient and functional. Dynamics also creates the perfect environment for organizing loose data.

One hidden bonus of Microsoft Dynamics is that its UI is nearly the same as that of Microsoft Office. So if your team is working in Office and comfortable with Microsoft products, transitioning to Dynamics will be a snap. Everything is in the old familiar places and the learning curve is dramatically reduced due to the innate familiarity of the design.

Dynamics is built specifically to work with Office. In other words, information in one program is easily accessed by another. More importantly, information changed on your business’s intranet becomes instantly available to any employee with access, providing the maximum amount of transparency to your process and ensuring that everyone is always on the same page. If you use SharePoint, Dynamics is a natural fit.

Users of Dynamics can export information and forms into Excel and Word. The free trading of data is a central element of the Microsoft software package, and Dynamics is no different. It was designed to function within the Office environment and allows for simple imports and exports that keep things moving forward. Compatibility is an issue you never have to consider with Microsoft Dynamics.

Overall, Dynamics is the best possible option for offices that already rely on Microsoft technologies. Its powerful tools combined with its natural integration provide the most effective and useful business solution available.
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