A hospital in India will implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as part of its effort to improve patient care.

BLK Super Specialty provides tertiary care to patients. The company recently announced that it will migrate to Microsoft’s customer relationship management software package so that it can make informed, timely decisions that will enhance the experience of its patients.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides users with a “dashboard” that, in this case, gives healthcare workers a snapshot of patient information. That means employees will have easier access to crucial, pertinent data extracted from patient records.

As part of the strategy, the hospital will use the CRM package in addition to Office 365 as a means of improving its relationship with patients.

“We want to provide our patients with world class services in treatment and care,” said Naresh Kapoor, the Director at BLK Super Specialty. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will help us with key insights to achieve this goal by enabling us to maintain a single information repository, giving 360-degree view of patients’ history.”


He also noted that the software will enable the hospital to improve engagements with patients after they have been discharged. Further, he said that Microsoft Dynamics HRM will integrate with the existing Hospital Information System that the company is using.

Finally, Kapoor said that the system will enable the hospital to update patient records in real time and enable the hospital to practice preventative care.

BLK Super Specialty has already implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management software. Following the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company will have a hybrid architecture that includes an on-site solution (NAV) as well as a cloud-based solution (CRM Online).

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