ERP softwareIn a perfect ERP software world, businesses who purchased the software a decade ago have had a lot of time, and opportunity, to customize the suite into obsolescence.

The gloomy future of ‘ERP’ on-premise…

Unwittingly, and since the 1990’s, when Gartner introduced enterprise resource planning software to handle the core processes of a business— like accounting and other back office tasks—the on-premise installations are facing a gloomy future.

Ironically, Gartner is making the call that for those businesses still shackled to such installs they will be the proud owners of an “ERP legacy” system in less than two years. Gartner’s report points to the “excessive customization” taking place in a handful of industries over the past decade : manufacturing, energy and distribution

“A system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business demands is an anchor, not a sail, holding the business back, not driving it forward.”

Making do with silos of information is the way doom…

Furthermore, in the opinion of Thomas Wailgum on ASUGnews, it makes no sense to wait for the inevitable crunch-time when ERP meets the gorilla calling for change.

“I think many CIOs would call this “Reality ERP.” I mean, is there really a need to wait two years to make good on this prediction? CIOs with more silos than the Midwest farming community know the pain of this situation all too well.”


Gartner emphasizes the need for CIOs and other stakeholders to start looking at ways to “adapt” their systems. This means accepting the fact of hybrid ERP solutions, deployments using both on-premise and online services, which defines the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform.

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