According to 2014 comments by Gartner’s Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research, Peter Sondergaard, about 25% of U.S. organizations surveyed have embraced ERP cloud offerings with 72% using SaaS platforms. The comments were made on the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network.

‘Agility’ main reason for using cloud ERP.

One of the main takeaways from such figures is the added “agility” companies are experiencing through cloud ERP business management tools. In fact, some fifty-one percent of the respondents noted their main reason for moving to systems—like Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL—has to do with the added agility gained from using the software. Surprisingly, perhaps, only seventeen percent of ERP cloud-based users pointed to the cost-savings.

An entrepreneur’s Best Friend…

Faster decision-making is certainly a strong reason for investing in cloud ERP, given the competitive nature of local and global markets. Perhaps that underscores the move to cloud computing options like ERP systems: Gartner notes that almost 30 percent of companies are making plans to use cloud ERP systems by 2018

Entrepreneurship made note of the cloud-ERP advancements in it’s article, “Cloud ERP—An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend:”

“Current online ERP solutions enable business owners to pay either per user or per the pieces of software they would like to have added to their ERP cloud…Instead of having to commit to a full business-wide change of operations or using prepackaged software that may be ideally designed for a company with many more departments than yours, cloud ERP allows you to transition at your pace and at your business sizing.”

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Written by J.K. (Sales Team)

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