Amidst all the concern we harbor about the security of our personal data, Forrester Research notes that 75% of us actually don’t have a problem with sharing such data if it will “improve shopping experiences.”

No doubt, improving experiences is what Google Now had in mind in its ongoing regime of gathering our behavioral pattern. Once collected, they feed byte-upon-byte to their proprietary, machine learning ‘center.’ The results include traffic alerts, weather and flight information sent in real-time as we make our way to the airport.

A dramatic example of a major brand serving their customer base, the Lego Stores worked with a major retailer in combing customer feedback data. Then, they transformed their customer service by using the data to trigger  customer alerts when an out-of-stock product was “arriving at the store in 30 minutes.”

Retailers understand that with the right customer information they can continue to create relative marketing campaigns, or drastically improve that segments of their customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for retail businesses software can be the go-to solution to help owners gain a competitive advantage either in their brick-and-mortar stores or online presence.

As noted on the Forbes Brand Voice website, the Redmond Giant uses Dynamics for Retail to decipher enormous amounts of data holding keys to forecasting and the like. In particularly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideal for monitoring multiple store financials.

“…maybe one store location didn’t generate as much in sales as another store in the same region. We can drill into the data to discover answers around how to improve top line by learning how the better performing store converted the sales, it’s sales mix, gross margin experience, and more.”

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Written by R.C. (Marketing Team)

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