‘Collaboration’ is a key aspect of today’s cloud computing, and is credited with increasing business productivity across the globe, as noted in an Forbes website.

Simply put, when you can access what you want, and when you want, all departments benefit through the leveraging of technology: team members, line managers to warehouse supervisors can interact in real-time with others.

The Forbes survey pinpoints a number of ways the cloud is affecting today’s businesses, including:

Making business process more efficient…

Make no mistake, the cloud is a powerhouse when it comes to enabling better decision-making. In fact, 58% of those surveyed  (90% of the leaders) noted how “cloud-based collaboration” creates opportunities to improve they way they conduct business.

A number of business processes are affected by cloud-based applications, including manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing and tech support.

The ‘innovative’ side of cloud solutions.

Ultimately, the ability to share ideas, documents and files with others in real-time enhances productivity. Moreover, 93% of the leaders surveyed noted that such collaborative capabilities “stimulates innovation.” Furthermore, the positive outcomes are felt from within the organization to vendors and other third parties outside the company.

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