So when does ‘data security’ trump cloud computing advantages, those that help businesses become more profitable? Granted, security will always be an issue, but it’s a concern for on-premise networks as well—not to mention the ubiquitous BYOD populating the workplace.

But in a perfect digital world, why can’t security concerns reach that balance where the risk of migrating files and documents is lessened in light of evolving technology?

According to a post on, that ‘risk’ is never out of sight, but security should not be the sole factor in deciding to go with cloud offerings.

“We’ve reached a point where comfort levels about putting data in the cloud are rising. Data security is always something to which enterprises need to pay a lot of attention. But it is being addressed.” Joe McKendrick, Forbes’ contributor.

What’s important in this “hyper-competitive global economy,” is to become a significant force, which can only be accomplished if the corporate mantra embraces the “data-driven enterprise.” That means gathering immense amounts of data, and using business process tools (CRM/ERP) to provide the Business Intelligence

And, as a noted columnist on Motley Fool points out:

“Big data is the new cloud computing.” (Tim Beyers)

The benefit of cloud services, such as offerings of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 online, means less bottlenecks with on-premise architecture competing for storage, or the ability to provide “big data flowing through the enterprise.”

Are the ‘big boys’, like GE, concerned about security in light of the many advantages that ‘big data’ flows provides? Evidently, the iconic conglomerate is seeing the light when it comes to the cloud. And, as noted in InfoWorld, the “company is moving as much as it can to the public cloud.”

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