Owners of small manufacturing companies deal with inventory management in much the same manner as larger organizations, and that is to maximize ROI.

Ultimately, by turning aside from using paper or legacy programs in favor of an ERP systems solution for warehouse management system (WMS) solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the business will enjoy future cost savings as well as a better ROI.

In addition to workflow improvements, ERP systems help customer develop retention through fewer pulled orders caused from inaccurate fulfillments.

What’s needed prior to implementation is a strategy outlining problem areas, those ‘moving targets’ throughout the warehouse and shipping, for example.

Then, it’s crucial to dampen expectations once the system is installed. Expect reasonable outcomes at the very first while improvements to workflow and inventory handling are gradually brought in line. Once that happens, then errors will decrease and even labor costs should begin to edge downward: a common benefit in today’s ERP systems.

Benefits using Dynamics GP include…   

Track inventory

Too much time is wasted by employees in search of inventory in the warehouse when using anything but today’s ERP platforms. Dynamics GP increases visibility throughout the receiving and shipping process.

Eliminate picking errors

Through Dynamics special module, Advance Picking, bulk lists suited for multiple orders are easily pulled. This provides for fewer wrong shipments going to the customer’s door

Cycle counting

Physical inventories are not only time consuming but disruptive internally as well as on the customer side. But through cycle counting, specific lots of inventory can be scheduled for counting/rotation to reduce errors and identify problem areas.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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