You remember well those startup days of your specialty manufacturing business when all of your accounting tasks were handled with QuickBooks. Then, the daily transactions were in the handfuls and spent after hours entering sales invoices and vendor payables. The idea of a Quickbooks Alternative wasn’t in the cards.

As the business grew into global markets you tried to customize the software by using Excel spreadsheets to track overseas sales, then manually transferring data into QuickBooks—an easy platform familiar to the bookkeeping community!

Along with the expansion came additional warehouse space, which required better monitoring of product and materials coming-and-going. Furthermore, the growth demanded better financials for your short-term lending requirements from the bank.

Consequently, as transactions grew into the hundreds every day, data entry errors mounted. Generating reliable financials became problematic…time to consider an quickbooks alternative.

As Entrepreneur magazine points out in their overview on companies outgrowing QuickBooks, drawing a convincing conclusion on the viability of an alternative to QuickBooks:

“QB is excellent at slicing and dicing data along common business accounting methods, but the minute you find yourself pulling data from QB to manipulate on a separate spreadsheet, you’re ready for a more robust accounting platform. For example, QB won’t let you analyze sales based on a combination of location, size of order, products ordered, customer industry and country.”

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an integrated solution that not only streamlines and automates accounting functions but provides excellent monitoring/management of inventory and business operations. What’s more, as an alternative to QuickBooks, financials draw from real-time data that can be accessed by users in the field, or on the road.

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Written by J.K. (Sales Team)

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