Today’s highly functional business rely on automated services to free-up personnel to work on that next big project. Streamlining business processes by using Microsoft Dynamics GP, a proven enterprise resource planning system, increases efficiencies across all departments.

The backbone of the Dynamics GP is its cloud-based applications. In a single platform, businesses can monitor an array of tasks in real-time, from sales projects and marketing campaigns to billing and financial forecasts.

Manufacturing and even professional service organizations, look to both ERP and  CRM (customer relationship management) software to help them increase profitability.

For sure, ask any stakeholder in the company about their mission statement: underlying it all is the commitment to increase revenues.

But companies using legacy programs are stymied in this regard because all their software tools consist of many non-integrated  programs. This can mean time lost searching for customer files to handle a service complaint; lack of collaboration among project leaders who rely on ‘waiting’ for replies via email or phone; use of historic versus real-time data to make key decisions…and more.

‘Leveraging’ a company’s  resources, such as their competitive nature in the marketplace, requires the use of many integrated resources. A global manufacturer, for example, needs to know product flow in all of their locations, from the line to the warehouse and points beyond.  

Supervisors and managers are always ‘on the hook’ for submitting accurate project budgets, the kind that reflect pricing on current materials and services. Ultimately, these financial reports assist decision-makers to make changes to improve bottom lines.

If you are looking to replace your legacy software, contact us to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics product line and the options the software offers for both ERP and CRM platforms.