Your CRM software does tons of work on your company’s behalf. Without a powerful CRM solution, planning, executing and tracking customer engagement can be incredibly difficult. One of the most powerful tools for staying in touch with and re-focusing on clients is email marketing. So it’s important that your CRM solution integrate with your preferred method of reaching out.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers several powerful components that make email marketing a snap, no matter which email marketing platform you use.

One of the easiest ways to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing is personalization. The difference between saying “Hey!” and “Hey, Tom!” is incredible. Microsoft Dynamics allows for the use of data slugs that automatically insert the appropriate names in the appropriate places, meaning you can automate your outgoing emails while still maintaining a personal tone.

It’s possible you don’t handle your marketing in-house. If you use a third-party service, working through Microsoft Dynamics increases the odds that your data can be easily integrated into their marketing solutions. Because Dynamics CRM is an industry standard, most marketing companies have methods for dipping into the application’s data and using it to maximize returns.

A Collection of Add-Ons
Effective email marketing isn’t just about sending the messages; it’s about tracking the results. Because Dynamics is such a popular CRM platform, developers have created dozens of powerful add-on tools designed to sync with your Dynamics email efforts and deliver detailed, in-depth reports on their effectiveness. Working with an established CRM platform opens up your tracking and reporting options substantially.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a deep, multi-faceted tool that enhances your ability to engage clients and keep track of their preferences. It also gives you a robust set of utilities for planning, conducting and tracking email marketing campaigns.

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