Owners of small to medium-size businesses know the importance of information, but often lack the tools to make sense of it. For example, they may rely on numerous files and documents to extract and gather executable data to develop relevant marketing campaigns.

For a manufacturing businesses, selling specialized widgets to other businesses, the collection of customer data may come from numerous sources: pulling customer profiles from social media channels, to ‘collecting’ business cards at trade shows.

But gathering the data is only one part of building a credible customer base. Then, the real challenge kicks in because someone has to enter this data into a program that will provide the right summary profiles to act on.

Product changes are then made to match customer preferences or to counter the competition’s newest products.

Slowing this process down, of course, is the reliance on legacy programs, like Excel, Word or even Outlook. In each case, the information exists in silos of disconnected programs that may reside on multiple PCs in different locales.

Indeed, the Information Age is all about the ability to access this information…and control its outcomes.

That’s where the Microsoft Dynamics product line comes into play providing powerful business tools to analyze and present data in a meaningful fashion for decision makers.

For example,  Dynamics SL, an ERP software, is suited for companies looking for project management software, as well as an enhanced accounting software package.

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