It’s almost a seismic shift in the way business is being conducted today among many manufacturers. Traditional business models tracked the product from the factory floor, warehousing and on to distribution chains for delivery to the customer’s door.

But the disrupter in this flow is the manufacturer who wants to control the value of their product once it goes out the door. As a result, more and more manufacturers are bypassing distributors and going direct to the consumer. This demands better brand marketing by the retailer versus a general approach to store promotions.

‘Direct’ can be to the brick-and-mortar retailer, as well as eCommerce sites. Not only are costs better contained, but the manufacturer maintains control of his brand at the point-of-purchase.

But manufacturers must remain agile throughout the entire product cycle For example, procurement must use collaborative means to check product and parts inventory, or seek alternate vendors when materials are no longer available at the right price point. This requires input of real data and the ability of managers and supervisors to access information in the field, or on the road, for better decision-making,

The Microsoft Dynamics SL cloud solution provides the right platform for today’s inventory control requirements while streamlining back-office tasks without the problems associated with manual data entry and working through multiple open windows.

To learn more about the many implementation and deployment options contact us. The software is ideal for today’s two-tiered approach to cloud migration where critical files and programs can remain on-premise while using Dynamics SL cloud for non-proprietary data.

Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)

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