Dynamics SL cloud solutions ideal for global clients.

Just when you thought you had your invoicing under control, your customers, including a growing base of global clients, are demanding more detailed information about their orders: real-time pricing; product availability, as well as streamlined ordering and payment options.

In the past, you’ve relied on a number of legacy stand-alone programs, each handling separate batch orders (shipping and POs), for example, without automated workflow capabilities. Consequently, the resulting delays impacted shipments and, ultimately, accounts receivables.

One area of improvement that decreased time spent searching POs, tracking numbers and serial IDs, came with Microsoft Dynamics SL’s abilities to use your shipping carrier’s tracking via your Web browser. Moreover, by using the Dynamics SL cloud with Microsoft Azure as your cloud platform, authorized users entered a more collaborative environment with customers throughout the entire pre-sale, ordering and shipping cycle.

By deploying Microsoft Dynamics SL, the bottlenecks dissolved quickly: customer shipments reached their destinations quicker and payments—thanks to SL’s eCommerce Gateway/EDI Edition—not only improved cash flows, but also overall profitability.

Other improvements included the ability to provide all of your trading partners with advanced notice of a shipping documents, thereby allowing tracking via barcodes of all the shipping details, including physical dimensions and even content.

Moreover, accounting departments using Dynamics SL can create consolidated financial reports reflecting real-time currency conversions—ideal for global ordering and invoicing.

Ask us about the benefits of using Dynamics SL in an on-premise and cloud deployment. The software provides seamless automation of a number of business processes, from financial, project and supply chain management to uncovering unseen problem areas commonly identified through Business Intelligence capabilities.

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Written by M.D (Consulting Team)