As a successful general contractor, you’ve managed to remain profitable even through the lean years, thanks to keeping an eye open for the latest business process tools to help manage multiple projects.

In one instance, you purchased a separate program to enhance Excel, and recently you thought you were doing the right thing when you added a couple of add-ons to tweak a legacy accounting system.

Unfortunately, the staff is now spending too much time searching for files and documents, be it the latest compliance information concerning that new federal contract you won or completing new bid requests.

With so many non-integrated programs, like Excel and QuickBooks, for example, it’s difficult to monitor important projects because so many components are missing. Customized spreadsheets are fine back in accounting, but in the field the lack of accessibility to these programs kills transparency and opportunities for collaboration.

The solution for your project-based operations was Microsoft Dynamics SL enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Users can now collect the data they need for their projects, store it, manage it as well as analyze. More importantly, Dynamics SL cloud is a single, database management system linking to Microsoft Office Project Server—it’s part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Following multiple projects, tracking expenses and profitability is seamless. What’s more, by using Dynamics SL cloud, the platform scales to demand, thereby offering more ways to control costs during business expansion or contraction.

Put the power of the cloud behind your business to increase productivity and bring a better return on investment. Contact us for a demo on Dynamics SL cloud and subscription options.

Written by J.K. (Sales Team)

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