The need for an accounting system that would integrate with a single, data base management platform was, no doubt, part of the vision the Redmond Giant had when they  purchased Navision’s package back in 2002.

Back then, the state of ERP software was slowly coalescing into that vision of one system designed to also power business processes throughout the enterprise. The accounting applications derived even further back to 1984, when PCPlus introduced it’s single-user program that provided basic functions.

The Navision name eventually morphed into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is geared toward the small distribution and manufacturing firms.

So much for monikers: what is the difference, then, between Dynamics NAV and it’s family member, Dynamics GP?

Dynamics NAV

If you’re a small manufacturing business with a number of specialty products, you could be leaning towards this platform simply because it can be customized to a larger degree than Dynamics GP software.

With industry specific demands, the software can be set up to provide niche functionality, something most off-the-shelf software can not provide.

When it comes to international marketing, the NAV software not only offers multi-currency capabilities, but also multi-language options. But this suite is ideal for tracking a smaller sphere of accounts, something that might appeal to startups, for example.

The flexibility of this product is also reflected in Dynamics NAV price and licensing structure: users can buy it upfront, or via monthly payments, in the cloud, on-premise or through a partner-hosting company.

Dynamics GP

One of its strongest features is its tie-in to Office 365, allowing better transparency and collaboration across departments.

For example, on-demand reports of certain processes, plus the ability to search emails and other files, is a signature attribute of this platform.

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