Gone are the days when small to mid-size distributors relied on customized methods of tracking orders, inventory, and shipping: legacy programs do little to enhancing business processes, particularly when global markets are concerned.

E-commerce drives many markets today, and woe be to the distributor who shuns technology to increase operational efficiencies—like Microsoft Dynamics GP, a robust ERP platform suited for both on-premise and cloud ERP deployment.

For starters, Dynamics GP users benefit with timely access to financials, thereby solidifying their credit checks and monitoring of cash flows. When it comes to collections or negotiating credit and pricing, the suite provides real-time updates on vendors and customers alike. What’s more, GP’s cloud ERP provides mobile access for better decision-making.

In the past, reliance on Excel spreadsheets and customized apps provide little, if any, integration. Consequently, opportunities for collaboration remained non-existent. What’s more, the need to check inventory required manual data entries to update multiple columns or open spreadsheets.

Owners using MS Dynamics GP rely on its Business Management capabilities for better control of product cycles and replacement of inventory by keeping SKU levels updated and accurate.

Better time management results in more accurate assessments of competitors in the marketplace. Moreover, with this single database management system users can analyze centers of profitability among preferred customers, product lines or services.

Old programs fail to deliver the immediacy needed to respond to customer pricing demands or gauge real-time inventory data. Add the benefit of mobile access and sales teams are better equipped to cater to customer demands.

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Written by E.C. (Consulting Team)

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