The backbone of most eCommerce businesses is not only a viable website, but processing software for handling orders, shipments and customer relations. Companies without a proven ERP/CRM platform risk inefficiencies on multiple fronts, from inaccurate fulfillment to mishandling of returns, to name a few.

For companies in the global market, such obstacles can impede daily tasks to the point of loss revenue and diminishing brand credibility.

For example, in cases that involve customer returns due to wrong products being shipped, the trickle-down effect can be disastrous, and a good reason to consider investing in Microsoft Dynamics GP software to automate the entire process.

Reliance on legacy programs, like Excel, or customer/vendor emails, only compounds the tracking problems as personnel search spreadsheets, files and documents residing in silos far removed from a center of operations. 

In short, the Dynamics GP platform provides a single, database management system with highly efficient monitoring and tasking for a range of sectors that include manufacturing, distribution, warehousing or supply chain management.

Manufacturers can oversee production cycles and deliveries times to the client’s ‘front door.” Did the wrong product get shipped? If so, Dynamics GP streamlines the return process by automatically deleting those costs from the assigned project; furthermore, the software removes goods from inventory and creates credit memos.

At the same time, the platform provides broad project analysis, including billing and payables. All-in-all, GP’s Project Accounting module delivers meaningful functionality to small to medium-size businesses.

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Written by J.H. (Consulting Team)

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