As the owner of a small manufacturing company needing sales and distribution metrics to track new markets, staff has spent many hours searching through Excel for additional sales opportunities.

Now, need to bring all that data together to determine new strategies, both for your sales and distribution network. Thanks to your recent deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are now able to integrate with Excel to reveal those hidden nuggets: Cross-selling and preferred vendor lists are just two areas that will help bolster the bottom line.

Moving forward, staff has quicker access to sales data, including frequent transactions through Dynamics GP’s Quick Links feature. Project and contract tasks, plus General Ledger uploads are now more automated. Accounting has the options to use GP’s Templates and Copy component as well.

Also, your management of the supply and distribution chain has improved through better customer relations and pricing outcomes:

“In addition to improving inventory control, you can use Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve customer satisfaction. Your sales team can check on inventory availability while negotiating with a customer, for example, without putting the customer on hold. In addition, while discussing replenishment orders, your team can boost up-sales and cross-sales by offering items that may be complementary to what your customers already purchase.”

Manufacturers and distribution companies can bring increase ROI through the robust ERP capabilities of Dynamics GP in areas of Purchasing, Administration, Inventory control, HR & Payroll as well as Field Services.

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Written by J.K (Sales team)