Microsoft Dynamics suite of products include GP, SL and NAV, all of which provide SMB’s with accounting, back-office, HR and supply chain management as well as forecasting services. On the customer relations management side, Microsoft Dynamic CRM offers businesses a seamless way to modernize an oftentimes chaotic customer relations management workflow. How?

Scribe Software Integration Tool with GP and CRM connectors

Businesses benefit financially from upgrading their old systems to new. Optimize integration between GP and CRM, streamline migration and legacy documents while eliminating the need for old Word documents with this tool.

Workflow Engine

You define your business rules at the outset. The workflow engine follows the rules automatically, allowing you more time to grow your business and less time tweaking how it should run

Customer Service Let’s not lose sight of what this software is really all about.

Yes, it integrates with all aspects of your ERP software but ultimately this package is about providing your marketing team with valuable metrics and qualitative information regarding your customer’s experience. Gathering this data in one location allows you to streamline analytics and make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not a standalone software package

As part of Microsoft’s ERP, CRM integrates with Dynamics providing an essential link between customer relations data and financial metrics.

Making the direct connection between customer service and financials is a sure way to engage employees in the customer life cycle. You can point to evidence of best practices and align a strategy for moving forward with tangible goals.

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