When companies use old accounting programs, they are shackled to a one-dimensional way of processing business tasks, unlike those using cloud accounting software.

For example, today’s businesses are all about ‘collaboration’ and ‘transparency,’ particularly when it comes to sharing financial reports, or remotely updating sales figures. Just as important is making sure data entry is accurate, and real-time information is added to substantiate financials.

Too often, growing business rely on a number of programs to keep the books, budget and make their forecasts: many spreadsheets using silos of isolated information residing on multiple PCs.

Worse, security issues are of major concern when using old accounting programs, or Excel spreadsheets. It is not uncommon for growing business to rely on thumb drives to save data, and to ‘take it with them’ as they work outside of the office. Moreover, in this scenario, the wrong people may have access to the wrong information.

But aside from the obvious security concerns, using an on-premise accounting software results in too much time and money spent upgrading, or maintaining multiple programs.

What’s needed, of course, is a switch to Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud accounting software to maximize routine entry tasks and allow authorized users to collaborate across all departments.

Microsoft Dynamics is not just an accounting program, as it also offers Business Intelligence modules for more intuitive decision-making. Ideal for growing and mid-size companies, the software is completely  scalable up or down to accommodate business cycles.

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