There comes a time when a business owner knows they must move beyond a basic, entry-level accounting program, such as QuickBooks.

In such cases, it’s not unusual to invest in ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, will consider investing in an ERP software…a proven QuickBooks alternative.

Ultimately, Dynamics GP helps streamline, and automate, many back office accounting tasks. The results can bring a new level of operational efficiency throughout the company or organization.

At issue for a growing company is the ongoing complexity of their business processes, from the manufacturing floor and shipping to warehouse and supply chain monitoring: every step needs an accounting to determine product—and project—profitability.

This means slower transaction times and more bottlenecks when using a non-integrated accounting system. As such, companies may struggle with month-end closings, or invoicing, spending too many hours to complete tasks that are easy to automate with Dynamics GP—this frees up more time for staff to be productive in other areas!

All departments benefit using Dynamics GP because the software is not only designed for multiple companies and databases, but it can gather financial statements across all of the organizations using real-time information.

In the latter case, decision-makers are acting on this real-time data instead of historic information. This front-view versus  rear-view adds immediacy to daily tasks while providing the means to keep up with business trends.

Companies often turn to using ERP systems because of following outcomes:

  • Process integration (54%)
  • Order processing issue-resolution (50%)
  • Hardware/software out-of-date (50%)

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