Dynamics GP 2015A look at the upcoming features of Dynamics GP 2015, particularly the Identity Management mode, almost begs the question, “Where’ve you been, Microsoft?”

But the new iteration, due out in December, does not mark the debut of this added feature: Identity Management (IM) was part of Dynamics GP 2013 (H1) release back in May of this year.

The major concern of course, is who gets to have access to what information; and with the increasing  acceptance of BYOD in the workplace, security issues continue to take priority ranking.

Daily tasks require redundant log-ins while working in different programs and apps, for example. In short, Dynamics GP 2015 provides the capability to track and organize online IDs, thereby reducing how many times one must log into the web client. First-time users simply log in via their Windows username; thereafter, no “additional credentials” are necessary.

Still, for desktop users, they will need to use a GP/SQL login and password:

“A GP user can be configured with either or both a Windows identity and a SQL identity, allowing the user to access GP using either/both clients in a mixed mode deployment.”

It may seem obvious, as Gartner points out, but with the addition of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (HIPPA), and other mandates flowing from the federal, state and industrial regulations, data must be protected. Moreover, notes Gartner:

“The mechanisms by which your organization digitally identifies these individuals, assigns privileges, monitors access and data usage, maintains separation of duties, and provides end-to-end audit-ability of this infrastructure is what Identity and Access Management (IAM) is all about.”

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