The hallways are alive with the sound of digital abbreviations, be they Saas and AFFS, or ERP and CRM. The latter refers to connection between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Dynamics GP 2015. This platform is notable for it’s capability to integrate seamlessly between both systems as well as third-party software, while providing complete connectivity in a single system without the need to access multiple applications, or open numerous ‘windows.’

In short, it brings a new level of interaction among department heads, project managers and employees with a focus on sales, marketing and customer engagement—say, ‘more profitability!’

On-premise, or online, the Dynamics GP 2015 is a powerful business tool, particularly since its more recent version released last month. Regardless of what fits your company, there are Microsoft partners, like Technology Management Concepts, who are trained to assist in implementation and deployment.

No doubt, the key feature of this newly released version is its ability to provide opportunities for team collaboration. Sales people can interact in real-time with marketing to provide input for that next promotional campaign. Or, customers can be engaged within their social media channels to determine what they are looking for in new products or services.

What’s more, data can be rendered in a visual format on a customized Dashboard, providing real-time information by specific locales (sales territories).

Dashboards can be accessed remotely, from the factory floor, in the field, on the road, or in the client’s office. With sales data and other information available across all departments this provides more opportunity for an increase in productivity.

Most certainly, ‘social media’ drives today’s relationships among existing customers, vendors and prospective clients. As such, Dynamics CRM 2015 online was developed with a Social Listening feature that enhances connectivity with “customers, prospects and partners.”

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