As a business owner of a growing distributorship, you’ve noticed a slowdown in the time it takes for products to reach your customers.

In the past, you relied on a lot on your sales force to track shipments to their accounts. Still, a lag time continues to affect cash flow and profitability: too much time is wasted by staff searching files for client info and billing status, for example.

But now your salespeople are spending too much time trying to take care of customer service problems caused by inaccurate and incomplete order information. One problem area, for example, customer discounts and keeping track of these to make sure they were billed correctly…and without duplication!

You discovered a solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, which can be used as a ‘hybrid’ platform, if appropriate, thereby allowing critical files and programs to operate on-premise; this, while sales/marketing and customer service modules will operate in the cloud—Gartner indicates CRM software hit $20.4 billion worldwide in 2013 with a growing community of over 40,000 customers. Overall, with Dynamics CRM Online you will not have to spend money infrastructure, or other non-connecting programs.

Indeed, Dynamics CRM software is a powerful business tool that offers a single, database management system to help solve an array of operational problems across all departments.

Now, your staff spends less time searching and more time being productive. The CRM software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as other apps like Outlook, Yammer, Lync, SharePoint, Power BI and Skype.

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