Dynamics CRM onlineBusinesses are not clamoring for cloud services, particularly when it comes to storing sensitive data. Some businesses feel that moving critical files off-site is akin to handing over the company keys.

But when it comes to cloud hosting services for Saas, or software as a service, companies are coming on board much more readily, notes a report on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) blog. In fact, U.S. companies are more likely to embrace SaaS than European counterparts.

Gartner Research, who looks at the number of users versus the total number companies, expected a more speedier adoption of cloud services by the end of 2013. Still, it seems the issue of ‘security’ is ever present in decisions to use cloud hosting for SaaS platforms.

Constantly monitoring for would-be security threats makes Microsoft a venerable partner in the cloud. This fact alone provides frees-up an IT department to concentrate on other company projects; this, without concerns about the latest software updates or security patches.

But Microsoft did not abandon the use of Dynamics on-premise. One of the successes of this platform is the capability it provides businesses to move from on-premise to online without disrupting the program.

What’s more, users enjoy the tandem benefit of working in Office 365, as well as other productive apps like Yammer, Lync, Skype, Sharepoint and Power BI.

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