Users of Dynamics CRM online never expect to replace the face-to-face customer contact, but surely they want to see the relationships enhanced: better customer and vendor interaction as well as a higher level of engagement throughout the social media channels.

And when it comes to using Microsoft’s PowerBI, the Redmond Giant makes sure that its users of Dynamics CRM online can beef up their analytical prowess by accessing PowerBI with less latency.

‘Latency’ much improved with PowerBI…

Most certainly, users do not expect issues like ‘latency’ to slow down their software’s Business Intelligence analytics. Indeed, it seems counter to today’s CRM platforms to have to put up with long delays between entering a command and receiving a response, regardless where the user roams.

Microsoft’s PowerBI, launched about a year ago, just got better in the ‘query’ department. In the past, users of the BI component via its Office 365 online platform, had to endure a waiting time between requests for multiple queries and the results delivered, say, to the Power BI dashboard.

Integrates data from Excel more speedily…

Now, data from online as well as on-premise sources in conjunction with Dynamics CRM online is delivered more quickly without the latency problems of times past; this, by using the Power Query in the BI. What’s more, when users what to pull information from their on-premise Excel workbooks, the wait time is minimal via the Query Editor.

This means manufacturers, for example, can more readily pull up information more speedily when it comes to calculating the time a shipment left the plant and when it was delivered.

As noted in an overview on eWeek, the Dynamics CRM Online “blog team” pointed out:

“’Performance of loading queries has improved by about 2x-3x in this release, according to our benchmarks. Queries that used to take ~10 minutes before this update, now only take between 3-4 minutes…’”

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