Along with all the hoopla about the benefits of Big Data, which include predicting “future customer behaviors, trends and outcomes,” today’s CRM/ERP software delivers a layered look at customer preferences to what the competition is saying about your company.

‘Social Listening’ is more than monitoring the company website for comments and questions: it thrives within social media networks. In fact, many companies may already be using ‘social listening,’ to some degree, but without an integrated system to make sense of it all. For those companies, the process may be entirely one way without any interaction.

Aside from monitoring Facebook, Twitter or other social channels, business owners, and savvy marketers, should also set the competition’s social presence in their sights; this, to learn what the competition is doing to make their customer base ‘happy.’

For sure, engaging and interacting with customers in their social media channels is at the core of Dynamics CRM 2015 software. And if you’re still wondering just how important social listening is, here are a few benefits to be gain from zeroing in on your ‘channels:’

Customer ‘sentiment’…

Always, good customer relations comes down to solving problems, and filling a niche in the marketplace. Using the Social Listening capabilities of Dynamics CRM provides the means to gauge what customers are saying about you and your products or service, and what they are looking for.

Who’s ‘influencing’ the marketplace…

By customizing the Dynamics Dashboard, users can track those thought leaders posting on social media, and see what they might be predicting in your market.

‘Social listening’ is only one of the many features of Dynamics CRM 2015. Contact us to discover the power of Business Intelligence and how it can make for more intuitive decision-making.