Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 will provide better collaboration between sales and marketing

Today, the digital landscape is all about the ability to collaborate with partners, team members, vendors and, of course, the customer.Dynamics CRM 2015

Of course, Microsoft is all about offering product and updates that further enhance this capability as a productive component in   workplace communications.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, scheduled to be released sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, will provide sales and marketing departments a step-up in collaborative capabilities. For one thing, the focus with this new iteration is to do away with duplicate work efforts while bringing more opportunities  for the customer to engage with the sales and/or marketing.

The Email Editor…

Users familiar with CSS (cascading style sheets) as well as the protocol, HTML, will still be able to go that route; but there will be a number of templates to help design email campaigns.

In addition, mailers can create from scratch by pulling in needed graphics or photos via drag-and-drop.

 Interactive Dashboard…

Campaign Management Console: it’s been revised to allow overviews on a number of conditions, such as A/B testing and those embedded offerings.

Real-time analytics can be shown as marketers run their A/B tests with differing missions.

Better marketing collaboration…

Marketing campaigns can be fine tuned to allow sales, for example, to provide their own input and how they think the message might be targeted.

The Sales Collaboration Panel will allow authorized sales people and manager with this capability, including instant alerts from prospects.

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