Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamic NAV are powerful, multi-faceted software solutions with the potential to revolutionize the way you and your business handle operations. However, it’s likely that your expertise lies more in your specific field than it does in implementing ERP software or planning successful transitions from one application-based workflow to the next.

When it comes to implementing ERP software, the best plan of action is working with one of Microsoft’s certified partners. In fact, a Microsoft certified Gold partner can dramatically improve the speed of your transition and limit the amount of frustration you might deal with if you were attempting the move on your own.

Gold partners are the best of the best. They’re the top tier of Dynamics partners and have earned their rank through the following:

  • Sales Performance
    To earn a Gold accreditation, providers must demonstrate an ability to sell Dynamics. This isn’t the most important factor, of course, but it wouldn’t be fair to ignore it in this breakdown. Sales show Microsoft who is good at explaining their solutions, and who is good at following through on their promises to potential clients.
  • Customer Feedback
    Expanding on the idea of “following through on promises,” Microsoft only ascribes Gold status to providers with a demonstrated commitment to customer satisfaction. Those with positive feedback earn the Gold standard, while those without it are unable to reach the top tier. Working with a Microsoft certified Gold partner for Microsoft Dynamics ensures you’re getting a provider with a proven track record.
  • Expert Employees
    In order to hold and maintain a Gold certified rating, a Dynamics NAV provider must keep on-staff Microsoft-certified professionals. These experts are there to help business owners and IT departments with the implementation of Dynamics. A strong support team with a record of delivering top-notch service is an excellent method for earning the Gold label.

There are many reasons to work with a certified Microsoft Dynamics expert, but almost all boil down to making your experience as a business owner better and more enjoyable. Gold partners are the cream of the crop, and working with one will ensure your Dynamics transition is smooth and easy.