Business owners know how critical good record keeping is to ensure a continuous flow of products going out, and money coming in.

But what happens to that process when a business has its eye on a global expansion? Do they hire more people to handle the increase in daily tasks, such as currency conversion, payables, and billing?

Many programs = room for errors.

Owners who still rely on non-integrated programs, like Quickbooks with manual processes in Excel or Outlook, to track purchase histories, or create invoices, are vulnerable to errors. Repetitive entries, for one, can skew ‘real-time’ status reports and current orders.

Worse, when it comes time to generate financials, stakeholders may not be fully confident with the results provided by their legacy programs.

The importance of EDI compliance….

That business owner looking at global expansion will likely hit the proverbial ‘wall’ if they are not using today’s ERP technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

For example, an EDI compliant system will integrate seamlessly with Dynamics NAV: invoices and purchases orders are transmitted securely from multiple computers in different companies to countries worldwide; this, without “human intervention.”

Dynamics NAV pricing

This business management software makes the task of currency conversions, for example, almost flawless with real-time information. Consequently, if you’re doing business at 3 am in this country when it’s noon in another, your columns are automatically populated with conversions you can bank on.

In addition, this software, which is being used by more than 100,000 worldwide, delivers that all-important big picture to a customized Dashboard, combining email, calendars and reports accessible in the office, on the road or in the field.

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