A distinctive trait of most small to medium-size businesses is their nimbleness in responding to ongoing challenges in the marketplace. A product may need tweaking quickly to meet the competition’s rollout of its new product line. Or, customers may not think highly of your brand due to high shipping costs, or even poor response from your customer service people.

The ‘dynamics’ of social media

Making matters worse for the SMB owner is the inability to gather real-time data to help them meet these challenges. For example, assigning a few employees to monitor numerous social media channels is an ineffective way to gauge consumer preferences, or get wind of negative feedback in the marketplace.

Users of Microsoft Dynamics software find new ways to “reinvent business processes to be more productive.” For example, with Dynamics CRM 2015, social interaction further enhanced through Social Listening across a broad range of ‘channels,’ like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news sources. Consequently, trends can be picked out for analysis, and decisions to improve the brand’s reputation, or product improvement is made more effective.

Social engagement

A company’s sales, marketing and service teams can collaborate not only with their team members, but also with customers as they communicate across their social media outlets.

Social CRM

Customized dashboards can track outcomes from promotional campaigns and provide a reliable source of solid leads and real-time information to help decision makers stay ahead of trends.

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