Cloud ERP Solutions: Making Sense of The Cloud

What is the Cloud that folks so often refer to? What makes it so incredibly important to businesses of every field?

The Cloud is a system of file storage and management that enables businesses to be smarter about security and accessibility of their important files. Cloud computing is often referred to as on-demand computing, meaning that file storage is streamlined through the Internet, allowing for easy shared access of files within a business.

Cloud ERP specifically enables a company’s reports, accounting, and operations management to run in the Cloud software along with all of the other important files. Cloud ERP saves businesses tons of money as a result because it eliminates the need for hardware such as servers, and thus rids the company of upfront costs in that area. More often than not, Cloud ERP is run through a web browser, meaning there is no hardware directly involved when it comes to storage of files. Cloud ERP also saves money because the IT department runs remotely in the Cloud; there is now no need to have an IT department physically on location to resolve any issues that may occur. The Cloud ERP vendor also does everything involved with software updates and upgrades, thus bringing down costs further.

As an added bonus, Cloud ERP operates on a fixed monthly payment, depending on the vendor, through subscription-based payment plans. This allows for businesses to choose what they need covered so that they are only paying for what they need, and if more storage is needed over time, businesses can adjust as required. Finally, the biggest benefit of all is that businesses enjoy the great confidence that all of their files are securely stored, and that if a disaster ever occurs, the vendor is sure to get it all back to normal quickly.

Does this help you make sense of the Cloud and Cloud ERP? Contact us today if you have more questions!

Written by B.H (Sales team)