Dynamics NAV 2016 provides benefits for remote employees

A common theme among small to medium-sized businesses is the requirement for employees to work out of a dedicated company office. While there are many different reasons a business may require this of employees, it is generally more of a requirement in order to limit expenses. For example, the expenses that can come from needing additional software licensing as well as loss of productivity and income through non-compatible software and personal hardware.

There have been many reports and articles written that suggest employee flexibility not only promotes accountability, but that it actually delivers the results of consistent productivity. An SMB doesn’t have to require workplace restrictions when they utilize the cloud based features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. This program provides the perfect solution for any SMB that wishes to provide opportunities that contribute towards employee work-life balance. Whether an employee needs to work from home a few days a week or needs to explore business opportunities in the field, they can still deliver the functions of their job responsibilities through Dynamics NAV. Business management software doesn’t have to be restricted to just in-office servers. With the help of the cloud, the essential demands of business operations can easily be achieved.

Rather than restricting growth, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 can encourage the growth of an organization through its cloud based ERP features. Business management and planning doesn’t have to be delayed or restricted due to an employee’s inability to come to the office on a given day. The ease of accessibility that can be utilized through Dynamics NAV implementation will not only contribute towards company objectives, but will also contribute to a better work-life balance.

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Written by B.L. (Consulting Team)