In this day of a subscription based economy, the face of ERP is changing. How do you implement an ERP systems that will change with that landscape and still provide the necessities for your business to grow with?

The days of buying hardware one time are quickly coming to an end. We have all chosen cloud based software over hardware as it has evolved and this will only happen more as we progress forward. For instance, most of us use some type of cloud based music application like Spotify or Amazon music, rather than purchasing a CD. We have also moved to subscriptions services for movies and TV, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and a host of others.

So what does this mean for ERP systems? The days of buying ERP hardware, installing it and moving forward have all but disappeared. Tomorrow, we will be using the cloud based service to control and handle all of our support systems not just ERP and, most likely, you are already doing this to some degree. How many of you have already implemented Office 365 for your email needs?

With so many ERP systems out there, where and how should you pick a system that does an excellent job with cloud based services? Microsoft provides a completely integrated package of services built from the ground up that allow you the options to include cloud based services within the ERP, CRM, Office 365 and with incredible analytic capabilities and support structure that go hand in hand with your needs.

Before you get too far down that path, let us guide you to discover what cloud based option will be best for you. Please contact us and we will go with you on this incredible journey to find the best solution for your business.

Written by J.K. (Sales Team)