One of the biggest hurdles for the SMBs today is coupling their expansion to the right technology. Unfortunately, smaller companies often rely on a smattering of non-integrated programs to monitor everything from production and order processing to inventory control and distribution.

Invariably, the pushback to advanced, business process tools, ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics, mirrors the concerns related to future capital expenditures, and expenses that might include licensing multiple PC sites; the former defines the resources allotted to the equipment needed to build out the on-premise network, while the latter often refers to extra budgeting for IT to handle implementation and system maintenance.

The dilemma among small to medium-size businesses is the focus of a CIO article touting ERP’s cloud-based offerings:

“’So, many growing businesses end up cobbling together piecemeal systems to handle finance, inventory, purchasing, sales, various databases, payroll, integration with Web stores and online ordering — it’s incredibly complex,’” (Joel Strangeland, CEO,  Trek Global)

For sure, the SMB has often been on the outside looking in when it comes to sophisticated solutions to overseeing their “core business processes.” What’s more, it’s crucial for stakeholders to be able to access this data on-demand with complete assurances that the information is accurate.

According to one ERP success story posted on CIO as an example of today’s “new mode,” moving to the cloud has had huge payoffs: Cloud adoption has dramatically changed how FMW Fasteners (Houston) conducts its business.

“The cloud, says FMW Sales manager Steve Baker, eliminates the headache of managing on-premises IT, improves business agility and accommodates a high-growth track. “It has completely transformed the business and what we were able to do and our sense of the possibilities of what we could get done.'”

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