New Microsoft Dynamics Training Courses Released

Microsoft CRM Training
Training in the professional field is evolving with the emergence of Microsoft Dynamics Training. Developers at Microsoft have been working diligently to create a new kind of software that focuses more on improving employee effectiveness within various modules in order to attract, retain, and find clients. As a result of their endeavors, the UK, as mentioned at PRNewswire, has […]

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Why a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Is Exactly What You Need

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Is Exactly What You Need
After performing countless web searches and sitting through weeks of demos, you finally decided that Microsoft Dynamics is the platform on which to run your business. Now you must take on the difficult task of implementing your new ERP. Where do you start? You may be tempted to […]

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Cloud ERP Solutions: Making Sense of The Cloud

Cloud ERP Solutions: Making Sense of The Cloud
What is the Cloud that folks so often refer to? What makes it so incredibly important to businesses of every field?
The Cloud is a system of file storage and management that enables businesses to be smarter about security and accessibility of their important files. Cloud computing is often […]

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Managing Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure for Your Business
Microsoft’s relatively new Azure service is undoubtedly one of the most robust cloud platforms available on the market. It rivals its competitors in scope, capability, and reliability. Microsoft Azure has built-in functionality to support everything from mobile app monitoring to full-fledged virtual machines.

Azure provides a cost-effective way to move apps […]

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The Benefits of Microsoft Azure

According to an article from WinBeta, Microsoft Azure is being utilized to transform the way airports work around the world. In England, several airports, such as Manchester Airport and London Heathrow Airport, have begun adopting Microsoft Azure, putting the cloud-based software in charge of many of the airports’ clerical and administrative functions. These functions include processing taxiway data […]

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MS Dynamics SL delivers ROI for project-oriented SMBs.

MS Dynamics SL delivers ROI for project-oriented SMBs.
The best ERP software is implemented and supported by a certified partner who is there for your business every step of the way. The best enterprise resource planning software includes Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite. All your key business functions are integrated with both of these products, giving […]

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Dynamics SL cloud solutions ideal for global clients.

Dynamics SL cloud solutions ideal for global clients.
Just when you thought you had your invoicing under control, your customers, including a growing base of global clients, are demanding more detailed information about their orders: real-time pricing; product availability, as well as streamlined ordering and payment options.
In the past, you’ve relied on a number of […]

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MS Dynamics SL integrates Excel’s Pivotal tables; ‘refreshable’ from tablets and smartphones.

Make no mistake, the merits of Excel go beyond just its basic spreadsheet and accounting capabilities, and even today with its numerous apps, businesses can create customized dashboards, or analytic filters, to gauge the inner workings of their operations.
Moving from ‘non-integrated’ programs
Small to medium-size businesses may be using a number of non-integrated programs, like […]

MS Dynamics GP: Out-of-the-box ERP for financial and accounting solutions to inventory management.

MS Dynamics GP: THE out-of-the-box ERP
It’s not uncommon for owners of small manufacturing facilities to be so involved with most every aspect of their business that they fail to identify processes that are simply not working.
For example, on the factory floor, managers and supervisors alike may struggle with tracking and resolving mechanical problems on […]

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Delivers Both Basic and Advanced Options for Effective Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 features:
The discipline of project management is a fundamental component that drives the productivity within a given industry. From commercial and agricultural to manufacturing and biotech, each and every industry relies on an effective system of planning and reporting. When it comes to management, ERP practices are not just limited to those industries […]