MS Dynamics SL delivers ROI for project-oriented SMBs.

MS Dynamics SL delivers ROI for project-oriented SMBs.
The best ERP software is implemented and supported by a certified partner who is there for your business every step of the way. The best enterprise resource planning software includes Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite. All your key business functions are integrated with both of these products, giving […]

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Dynamics SL cloud solutions ideal for global clients.

Dynamics SL cloud solutions ideal for global clients.
Just when you thought you had your invoicing under control, your customers, including a growing base of global clients, are demanding more detailed information about their orders: real-time pricing; product availability, as well as streamlined ordering and payment options.
In the past, you’ve relied on a number of […]

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MS Dynamics SL integrates Excel’s Pivotal tables; ‘refreshable’ from tablets and smartphones.

Make no mistake, the merits of Excel go beyond just its basic spreadsheet and accounting capabilities, and even today with its numerous apps, businesses can create customized dashboards, or analytic filters, to gauge the inner workings of their operations.
Moving from ‘non-integrated’ programs
Small to medium-size businesses may be using a number of non-integrated programs, like […]

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Delivers Both Basic and Advanced Options for Effective Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 features:
The discipline of project management is a fundamental component that drives the productivity within a given industry. From commercial and agricultural to manufacturing and biotech, each and every industry relies on an effective system of planning and reporting. When it comes to management, ERP practices are not just limited to those industries […]

Cloud adoption benefits users of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Today, it remains as no surprise that ‘security’ tops the list of concerns when it comes to cloud adoption, according to software strategies blog “Future of Cloud Computing Survey 2015.” In fact, the primary pushbacks related to using the cloud usually fall into these four categories:
“…security (45.2%), regulatory/compliance (36%), privacy (28.7%), lock-in (25.8%) and […]

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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

We all know Microsoft as the software company that developed Windows and Office. But the software that Microsoft has developed goes far beyond the personal use software that we use every day at home: they have developed suites of software for business use that many people do not even know about. An example of […]

December 15th, 2015|Cloud ERP, Dynamics SL|

MS Dynamics SL creates templates from imported Excel data for accounting to HR use

Whether it’s a small manufacturer or distributor, daily business processing tasks can be repetitive to the point of impacting outcomes: too many data handled by too many users is a perfect storm an erosion of productivity.
Such is the case when attempting to ‘integrated’ legacy programs and apps. In the latter example, Excel spreadsheets may […]

November 3rd, 2015|Cloud ERP, Dynamics SL|

Dynamics SL cloud drives project-based companies, like construction or professional services.

As a successful general contractor, you’ve managed to remain profitable even through the lean years, thanks to keeping an eye open for the latest business process tools to help manage multiple projects.
In one instance, you purchased a separate program to enhance Excel, and recently you thought you were doing the right thing when you […]

October 20th, 2015|Cloud ERP, Dynamics SL|

Dynamics SL cloud streamlines ‘disruptive’ innovations, like manufacturer-to-retailer relationships

It’s almost a seismic shift in the way business is being conducted today among many manufacturers. Traditional business models tracked the product from the factory floor, warehousing and on to distribution chains for delivery to the customer’s door.
But the disrupter in this flow is the manufacturer who wants to control the value of their product […]

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Microsoft Dynamics software is designed with SaaS options.

At times, the digital landscape is so alive with the sound of vendors pushing the latest software that business owners simply return to their old way of doing things. The result might be the choice to over customize their legacy programs, resulting in an array of non-integrated platforms. Worse, those programs may reside solely on-premise.
Today’s competitive […]

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