Considering the infinite number of CRM software that’s available today, it’s no wonder that business owners, CIOs and other stakeholders find themselves in a decision-paralysis mode.

To start with, the buying process is hobbled by just too many features, and businesses hate the idea of seeing an array of modules going unused after implementation.

So what is the best CRM choice?

According to CRM guru, Ian Altman, a Forbes contributor, it comes down to choosing the “one your entire organization will actually use.”

Altman is not be snarky, or glib, but he’s firm about the notion that departmental use of CRM platforms do something for the organization. And the best way to determine the parameters to follow during the buying process is survey would-be users, from department heads to data-entry employees. In fact, a meaningful Priorities List can only be achieved through diligent query of the entire company.

This prevents, say, three of four departments, like Accounting, Marketing and Sales, from taking ownership of the CRM platform. As Altman explains:

“First, let me explain the common trap that leads to CRM nightmares and falling revenue. Often, when implementing a CRM solution, each department chimes in with what customer data the system should track… Don’t fall into that trap! Do you want your salespeople to drive revenue, or perform data entry, (finance, marketing, etc?) 

To Altman, it’s all digging-down deep within the company, and across all deparment levels,  to acquire that Needs List.

Last year, Altman predicted a moderate move to  “simplified CRM solutions.” The reason for this shift is the need for less information, which means only more meaningful data should be entered; this, to help speed decision making, and cut back on the enormous task of managing and entering so much data.

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