Many companies list information about Dynamics SL, but not many have an option for you to buy directly from their website. What good is it to tell you about how great Microsoft Dynamics is when you have to bend over backwards to figure out how to buy the dang product? No sales people here talking your ear off, just go to and get all your information about Dynamics SL pricing here.

However, a little background about companies that need Dynamics SL are businesses using a single software, like Excel spreadsheets, as their primary financial platform may spend an inordinate amount of time with manual entries. The result can be very time-consuming as information from one system is entered into another, thereby creating more opportunities for inaccuracies.

Granted, anyone can make ‘data entry errors,’ but one of the benefits of using today’s ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics SL, is how it automates the data-entry process across systems and departments. The Business Essentials module of Dynamics SL provides users with high-end functionality for better decision-making. This is especially true for global companies who use the suite’s Currency Manager, which tracks multiple exchange rates. Global companies can determine rates fluctuations and any resultant gains/losses for their transactions.

What’s more, misquotes due to currency changes or an overlooked customer discount can impact client relationships.

Avoiding costly mistakes especially the ones damaging customer relationships, can also chip away at the company’s bottom line. In short, more time and money can be spent trying to correct data entry errors, shipping mistakes and product returns when relying on legacy software.

Dynamics SL provides a single database management system to overcome these obstacles. For example, in supply chain management situations the software streamlines all areas of the manufacturing process in areas of Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing and Requisitions.

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