It couldn’t have been a worse scenario: you just arrived at the job site to find a lot of change orders were coming in, as well as requests for updates on project costs to send to the home office.

A quirky example, for sure, but one that illustrates the need for mobile connectivity in the field, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, which is more than just an accounting software suite: the ERP modules provide companies with an integrated data base, one that processes data from all departments and updates in real time.

The Dynamics software offers such connectivity through its single database, offering transparency and collaborative features for decision makers wherever they may be.

In short, projects always demand a powerful accounting software to keep moving those time-sensitive jobs toward completion; this, with real-time dashboard data to guide stakeholders to the latest financials, such as project budgets, expenses as well as those ubiquitous change orders.

On-site payroll generation…

Forget about using lined tablets, or index cards—or even Excel spreadsheets—to track jobsite payrolls. All payroll steps can be initiated and monitored from a tablet, or other smart device while on the road or in the field.

More importantly, timely data is present on demand showing breakdowns on each project’s labor costs.

Stay more productive in the field…

Today’s construction operations need to operate leaner and more profitable to stay competitive. That’s simply not possible with off-the-shelf software. For one, downtime looms because companies must still rely on silos of information kept in multiple files; normally, such files are not integrated for timely updates in a single database.

Furthermore, projects can be put on hold, for example, due to the need for upgrading that software.

What’s needed, is the modular approach to accounting software for contractors: as a company grows, the Dynamics GP suite can be customized quickly without major disruptions to the project. Contact us for pricing information. We are a global, Microsoft vendor.