Just as the demand for your products can change quickly,  your source of materials and supplies can change as well. The latter scenario can impact costs of production and ultimately profit margins.

Dynamics NAV: a powerful business process tool

In the past, a manufacturer developed an A-list of suppliers, nurtured through personal contact and vendors going the limit to provide quality materials. Maybe it was more with a handshake or a phone call, but now with global markets the outcomes can be lightning quick.

For example, a plant manager may rely on Excel spreadsheets, Outlook or contact management software to provide vendor specifications and pricing models. Unfortunately, taking the time to search isolated files and documents marks an extreme case of operational inefficiencies.

Information may reside on multiple computers in many locations with little- integrated connectivity or mobile access.

Monitor all aspects of the business with Dynamics NAV

Consequently, that vendor you relied on for so many years can no longer provide the material you need. And your search for new vendors who are able to match your very specific requirements, are tough to find.

That’s why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ideal for SMBs looking for more control over every aspect of their operations, from the manufacturing line to financials and supply chain management to distribution.

This database management system integrates data, documents and your devices seamlessly and provides options to automate many of the back office tasks. Moreover, the suite allows team members to collaborate during all phases of a project; too, the suite allows users to create estimates and track budgets, not to mention the capability to better your global markets through handling currency conversions, as well as a multiple language components.

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