It’s hard to ignore the trend to cloud computing.

Cloud ERPSo what might cloud bring to the sector of the industry? Here are four reasons why an industrial company should choose a Cloud ERP.

Besides the interest in adopting an ERP system for your company, the question of using the Cloud is coming up. On his blog, the expert in Cloud Computing, Rock Blaisdell, describes four reasons for choosing an ERP in the Cloud for industrial.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system) integrates information management throughout the company, such as accounting, manufacturing processes, sales or customer relations. ERP streamlines the flow of information between internal functions and external to the organization. But why choose the Cloud?

  1. To minimize the initial investment.

With an ERP solution on site, you will need to buy, host and maintain servers and then deploy, configure and maintain the software. ERP in the Cloud minimizes the initial investment, which is the responsibility of the solution provider.

  1. To minimize the impact on the technical team.

By removing the cost and complexity of installing and integrating additional hardware resources to support the ERP, the company does not need to hire additional technical staff.

  1. To increase the ROI of ERP.

ERP in the Cloud installs and integrates easily into the daily operations of the company, its return on investment is faster.

  1. To increase the ability to scale out.

ERP in the cloud can easily scale out to align with the new business requirements. Unquestionable benefit for companies that have an activity with a specific seasonality.

According to Gartner, the market for ERP in the Cloud will grow 14.7% annually through 2015.