Many small businesses start out using QuickBooks as their accounting software because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Businesses that grow to become mid-sized, regional companies, however, eventually need a more robust software solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Knowing when to make the switch from QuickBooks to one of these programs is difficult, though. If you run a growing business that is still relying on Intuit’s program, here are three signs that it’s time for your company to look for a QuickBooks alternative.

You Have Spreadsheets of Spreadsheets

Companies that use QuickBooks often rely heavily on spreadsheets. Spreadsheets, themselves, are not bad. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with Microsoft Excel, after all. When they are used excessively, however, they become difficult to keep organized and prone to errors. If your company has spreadsheets to keep track of spreadsheets, perhaps it’s time for a new solution.

You Have a Plethora of Plugins

Many businesses install third-party plugins that enhance QuickBooks. As with spreadsheets, using a few plugins is fine, and may even be advisable. Plugins should not form the backbone of your company’s software system, however. Too many plugins introduce compatibility issues, and they become difficult for IT to keep updated. If your company has a plethora of plugins, maybe you should look for a QuickBooks alternative that includes the features you’re using plugins for.

You Have Duplicate Data Entry

QuickBooks is primarily an accounting program. While there are workarounds for using it to manage inventory or track employees’ time, relying on Intuit’s software for non-accounting aspects of running a business typically results in duplicate data entry. Non-accounting information usually must be entered into both QuickBooks and another program, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Eliminate duplicate data entry, which takes up time and generates data entry errors, by using a QuickBooks alternative that integrates all your data processing needs.

Both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are excellent alternatives to QuickBooks. To learn more about how either of these programs could help your business reach its next stage of growth, contact us.