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The BuyERP Leadership Team


We are proud of our company leaders and their passion for delivering client focused solutions all over the world.




Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris | Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Harris has worked in the ERP market for over thirty years. Forming a consulting business with her best friend Brenda right after graduation from Florida State University, the two moved to California and worked hard to establish themselves as one of the longest standing and highest regarded ERP partners in the area. BuyERP was Brenda’s brainchild; she wanted to bring GP and other Dynamics products to the world in an easy and cost effective way. Jennifer keeps her legacy alive on a daily basis by working to bring our clients software solutions at reasonable prices.

Brett Hensley

Brett Hensley | Chief Operating Officer

Brett's initial efforts were aimed at marketing and he was recently promoted to COO, reflecting the hard work and dedication he has shown to the brand. His focus has expanded past making the best provider of ERP software online, however, he’s still dedicated to making sure our clients get the best possible experience while interacting with us.

Jennifer Kees

Jennifer Kees | Sales Manager

Jennifer Kees has been a key figure in the running of BuyERP from day one. Jennifer has worked in the ERP world for over 13 years and has experience in working with GP, NAV, SL and CRM. She will be your main contact, whether a new or current client. She also interacts with Microsoft on a day to day basis.


Roland Chi

Roland Chi | Marketing Director

Roland is the newest member of the BuyERP team. Responsible for the Digital Marketing efforts, he has been diving into online plateforms headfirst, and revamped BuyERP website and stategies with a skillful eye. A native of France, he has a unique perspective on marketing ERP software, marketing as a career, and life in general.


BlackJack | Office Manager

Blackjack is celebrating three years with BuyERP and works hard every day to keep the office running smoothly. He makes sure his team gets lots exercise by walking him and he encourages excellent customer service by providing us many opportunities to give him treats in a timely manner.